Komodo Tour 3 Days 2 Nights - 3 Days

Komodo Tour 3 Days 2 Nights  is not only to see komodo but still a lot of wonderful spots to explore especially the rich of  wonderful marine life and spectacular landscapes around Komodo National Park. Komodo Tour 3 Days 2 Nights with privately boat tour is a must to make any decision during your tour around Komodo National Park.

Day one. kelor island – menjarite snorkeling spot – flying fox island – overnight on boat

On arrival in labuan bajo, you will be picked up by our professional tour guide and boarding to your boat trip. The boat is hired privately for your familly or a group of your friends. Sail to kelor island with spend 1 hour to reach kelor island.  Kelor is one of the beautiful island in komodo national park. The island with a long white sandy beach and clear water to do any snorkeling or just having a relaxed on the beach. To see a wonderful landscape you do a litle treking with 10 to 15 minutes to the summit of the island.  After this island, sail ahead  with 30 minutes to Menajrite island as it is one of the best spots for snorkeling. The water is clear with a wonderful corrals and colorful fishes. Besides snorkeling you can feed the fish with some bananas or cakes. In the afternoon, sail ahead with 30 minutes to flying fox island as the home of fruiths bats. Here is a very special island where you can see thousands of flying foxes or bats fruits. They fly out from mengrove island on 6.30 for feed. You can enjoy them from your boat and also enjoy the beauty of sunset from the top your private boat trip before dinner and over night on boat

Day 02;  padar island – komodo island – pink beach –  sunset on gili lawa island – overnight on boat

Wake up early and be ealier to arrive in a special island called  padar island. To reach this island need 2 hours from flying fox island. On Padar island you will have trekking 30 to 45  minutes to the summit of the island depends your fissical conditions. 70 years and up old can not reach the summit of this island.  On top you will see the beauty of 3 collored beaches and the landscape of hoping islands arround komodo national park. From this island, sail ahead with sped 2 hours to komodo island as home of giant lizard called komodo dragon.  Here you will guided by a specialist to see komodo dragons and any wild life. Upon arrival, you can chose any kind of trek such as short trek with 1 hour, medium trek with 1, 30 minutes and long trek with 2 hours go and back. Then, sail to pink baech.  Pink beah is one of most pupolar spots on komodo island and a real natural wonder on the planet. The beach gets its unique collor from microscopic organism called foraminifera.  They produce a red pigmet of the corral refs. On this place vissitors may explore how beauty of reefs under shalow water or just have fun on the beach. Late at noon, sail to gili lawa island. There are some hills and beaches. The land is covered by grasses. It is a savanna. There are many highlands, it is possible to explore them all. Trekking is the best thing to enjoy both sunrise and sunset. In the shorelines, you can enjoy clear water and sandy beach.  Over night on bot in gili lawa island

Day 03.  Taka makasar – manta point – turtle spots – corral garden/kanawa island – hotel in labuan bajo

Here wake up erly to enjoy sunrise from the top of gililawa island before breakfast time on your boat.  Aftre sunrise bak to your boat and have a breakfast. Then sail to taka maksar or sandy island  with 30 minutes.  The most popular thing to do is to walk around the land. It features soft and beautiful sand. However, it is quite small. The other interesting activities are free diving and snorkeling. For the best holidays, you must come during the low tide. This way, you are able to play around the beach.  Then, your boat move 30 minutes to raech manta rays spot and it  is one of popular spot in komodo national aprk. Tourist can be freely swum together with this amazing creature. You will see so many manta rays play on the sea surface on this Manta Point in Komodo. If you wanted to swim together with them, you can snorkel at this manta point. With this way, you will be able to watch many manta rays even from close distance. Next snorkeling will be in turtle spots with 45 minutes from manta rays spots. Then, sail ahead to corral garden called kanawa island with 2 hours by boat. Just having relax on boat. Once you arrive at Kanawa Island, you will be astonished by its beauty. The sand is white and exotic. The island has a grassy and hilly background. You can see several fishes passing by. Due to clear water, you are able to see them clearly. The most attractive thing is the coral reef. It is quite mesmerizing. In the afternoon, you can play on the beach. There are some starfishes and crabs on the sand. Your kids are going to love them. Back to labuan bajo or aiport late at noon.

These are spots to be explored during 3 days 2 nights live privately on boat. So, don’t be hesitate to get any information related your holidays in komodo and flores island by Contact Us Or Send Us Message By Whatsapp